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Wisdom passed down for generations

Sherry is a unique wine in the world, the result of a grape variety, soil, climatic conditions and very unique winemaking practices, which make it unrepeatable. It is magical, complex, diverse and versatile. From the palest wines in the world to the darkest, from the driest to the sweetest and from the youngest to the oldest. All that is sherry.

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The origin

It all starts on the soil, in the unique albarizas of Marco de Jerez, limestone soils with an extraordinary capacity to retain moisture, a key factor to counteract – together with the fresh winds of Poniente – the rigorous summer of the area. This is the natural habitat of the Palomino Fino variety, from which the vast majority of Sherry wines are obtained, complemented by Muscat and Pedro Ximénez.


Our Winery

Soleras and Criaderas

After obtaining the “musts” (unique denomination that receive in the area the wines already fermented alcoholically), the complex and long process of aging in the winery begins.

The wine is aged by the soleras and criaderas system, according to which the boots are mounted on platforms on top of each other according to their level of age. The casks containing the oldest wine are located on the ground, in the solera. When the wine is extracted from these casks for bottling, it is replaced with the wine of the next higher level (the first criadera), which in turn is refreshed with the second criadera, and so on until it reaches the last criadera that contains the younger wine or sobretablas.

Thanks to this unique genuine system of the Marco de Jerez, the youngest wines are methodically mixed with the older ones, year after year: these gain in freshness and youth and those obtain the body and solidity of their elders.

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S Y S T E M  O F F

Soleras and Criaderas

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